When I was watching my bully I learned that people are being bullied and no one knows that someone is being bullied sometimes the victim dosn’t even know that they are being bullied because in the movie bully Alex was being choked and Alex thought that the person that was choking him was just messing around but really he was bullying him. Bullying will make people kill them selves becuse of bullying lik Ty and Tyler and if you are not with the victom you are helping the bully. bullying continues because of lack of upstanding. It didn’t just show me how bad bullying was it showed me how important friendship was, good  friends will always stand up for you. I also learned that you should stand up for people even if the bully is your friend because if your friend is bullying someone you can still be there friend but then they aren’t a good friend. When Alex was being bullied no one would stand up for him. SO STAND UP!!

Bloging challenge #2 Should animals be held in captivity

challenge #2

Should animals be held in captivity?

Do you like the zoo? I like the zoo. But i think the right thing to do is have them not have to live in captivity unless they are rescued.

\           Some animals are becomeing  extinct in the wild. When I went to Florida I went on a safari in Animal Kingdom and our tour guide said that one of the animals that they have are extinct in the wild. Some animals are going extinct period because of humans having them a bad captivity.

But also some animals are being taken away from their families. The animals may live longer in captivity , but would you rather be free and live with your family or live longer in a cage far away from your famaly for the rest of your life? If the animals are taken away from there families that can lead to depression, and that can lead to them not eating, and that will make them ill, and that can kill them.

They also are not in there natural habitat. Imagine yourself in captivity -no freedom, no family and not your home now how sad would you be? That is what animals feel like. If animals are not in there natural habitat then they are not getting the natural food and exercise they need to live.

Meny people would say that the animals are safer in captivity because predators cant eat them. But then the animals that eat the other animals wont have any food to eat and they will die, it’s the circle of life.

If the animals live in the wild they will be free and humans wont interfere with the circle of life. So what do you think? Do you want the animals to be free and happy or would you rather be selfish and just watch the animals?




Blogging Challenge #1. 10 people I want to meet

Challenge #1

            1. my greate grandma- I would give her a card that I didn’t get to give her because she died before I could give it to her and I would ask her what was the two ice cream flavors that you had at purdys?

            2. Albert instien- ( he is a very smart guy) I would ask him to teach me the theory of relativity

             3. Danial Craig- (he is nan actor in some of the James Bond movies)I would ask him what was his favorite movie to act in

            4.Bruce Lee-(a Kuhn fu master) I would ask him were did you learn all the cool moves

            5.John A. Macdonald-(the first prime minister)I would ask him is it stressful being the first prime minister

          6. Psy-(the singer of gangnum styel) I would ask him what the song gangnum styel is in English

         7.Tom Cruse-(Actor in Mission Impossible) I would ask him is acting fun

            8.tiger woods- (amazing golf player)I would ask him  how many holes in one did you get

           9.Chris Hatfild-(first Canadian commander of the international space station) I would ask him how do you go to the bathroom

           10.-Michel Felps(Olympic gold medalist in swimming) I would ask him how much do you practice a day



I am so exited for Christmas.  Christmas is coming so fast only one more week of school then it is Christmas holidays.  I am asking for some X-box  games. My grandma is coming for Christmas this year.  I sure hope it is a white Christmas. Before we go to bed on Christmas eve we always watch a movie most of the time it is a Christmas movie.  It is always hard for me to go to sleep on Christmas eve because I am so excited  but when I do I always dream that Christmas went terribly. I hope everyone has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Mary Spencer

Today Mary Spencer came to visit our class she is a three time world champion, a four time Canadian champion five time pan am champion. Mary began boxing in 2002 when she was 17. befor her boxing carier she played sports like basket ball and volleyball. Mary Spencer  practises 2 times every day, she also went to the Olympics she placed 5th in boxing. out of all her boxing she has 128 wins and 10 loses. when she came in to our class we asked her a lot of questions and she answered them all.I think that her message was to follow your dream and you will eventually achieve it. that day was a big surprise!

What I Like

                In my opinion I think Wrestling, trampolining, water skiing and down hill skiing is one of the most fun sports. on my free time I like to read, play video games, watch TV and hanging out with friends. my favorite holiday’s are Christmas, Halloween and Easter. my favorite foods are ribs, burgers,cinnamon buns, pickles. I have a pet dog named Stella 3 cats named Phoebe, Oliver, Georgia I also have a lizard named Spike and a hamster named mocha.